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Pedriatric Medicine Associate

Our patients, our passion
More than 40 years offering Family Medicine

Our mission is to see the growth of the city of Doral in a very positive way. For many years we have seen boys and girls play in the parks of this magnificent city. We have helped their growth and health, in their physical and mental development for a better future for them and their families.

Jorge De Diego

Dr. Jorge de Diego
Pediatric and friend

In the years 1960 and 1962, Dr. Jorge De Diego was one of the Cuban children who arrived alone. Those were difficult times, but today he works to bring joy. In Doral, a first of 50 children are attended per day, between ages ranging from a single day of life to 21 years. We do not have patients, we have friends, many parents and especially those "little angels" who always express their affection with a hug.


Why People Choose Us



For more than 30 years we have dedicated our vocation to serve the citizens of Doral, their families have grown together with us and that makes us part of all of them. That is why we practice medicine with experience and love.



Flexible Attendance

The clearest attention on exams for the immigration process, clear administrative attention at all times, from the entrance to the exit of the patient



Exceptional Facilities 

Safe facilities, close to our patients, easy entry for everyone.



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